The Story

There are two ways to live your life. One is to go by the flow, the other is to listen to your inner voice that gently whispers and follow it. We decided to listen, to hear and to follow.

Much herbal, very vivid and fun.

Amanda was enchanted by world of herbs a long time ago, and her love brought her to Gornji Grad. She began to discover the village and realized that it was a place with tremendous but untapped potential. Since she was little, Maja felt connected to her home village with it’s story and hidden gems. The more she traveled, more connected she felt to the village and more she could appreciate and respect it. We both realized that we would not only like to stay in this place, but that we also would like to work and be creative here. That we would like to Live in Gornji Grad. To do this, however, we had to completely  by ourselves and from scratch create a healthy working environment.

Our work progress is maybe slow at first glance, but everything we do, we do thoughtful with meaning and vision. Not many things are left to chance.

The brand Herbal village is no longer just a brand. We live in it. It has become our way of life.


Creativity and new fresh ideas are the driving force behind long term success.

We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and embrace an ever changing world and the magical world of herbs offers us constant lectures and creativity to do so. We are open to meet new creative people with passion and an open mindset to join our mission.